Million Oaks





Million Oaks

The Million Oaks project is an attempt implemented as a response to climate change and to increase the natural forestation in KRI, the project is implemented by Hasar Organization in partnership with Rwanga Foundation.

The destruction of forests in the Kurdistan Region is happening at a very dangerous rate for a variety of reasons, so increasing and rebuilding forests is a necessity for our area. In addition, planting large numbers of local trees is considered one of the most successful attempts to combat climate change.


Aim of the project:

- Combating climate change in the Kurdistan Region.

- Encouraging the culture of tree planting within the Kurdish community.

- Re-greening the forests in the Kurdistan Region.


Why did we choose Oak trees?

Oak trees are compatible with Kurdistan’s Environment. The idea is not only to plant oaks, but also to revive the ecosystem surrounding the Oak trees, Oak trees are home to many creatures and birds. In addition to the fact that it is compatible with Kurdistan’s Environment, it is a strong and stable tree, enduring the summer heat.


Tree planting plan:

2020: 2,000 trees were planted as a pilot project

2021: 80,000 trees

2022: 200,000 trees

2023: 300,000 trees

2024: 420,000 trees

By the end of 2024, a total of 1 million trees will be planted. apart from the trees that were planted as part of the pilot project.